Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just Like Home

Fran and I had dinner tonight at Eddie Matney's new restaurant, Eddie's House with our friends Marvin and Adrienne. Eddie's opened yesterday In Scottsdale at Marshall Way and Indian School. What a great experience.

The restaurant is very comfortable, the art work and decor are fun, the service was superb, the food is outstanding and it is priced reasonably. Meets all my criteria for a good restaurant. You never would have known that this was only their second day in business.

We had fish, meatloaf and barbecue chicken (a little spicy). The portions were generous and everyone enjoyed their meals.

There is a reason that Eddie calls this Eddie's House. You feel like you are sitting in his dining room. Eddie came around a few times to check in on us to see how everything was. As we were finishing up, he pulled up a chair and talked with us for a while. Great customer service. We will definitely go back.

I am passionate about radio and food. As I've mentioned before, I feel that there are a lot of similarities between the restaurant business and the radio business. I can tell you that like the launch of a new radio station, Eddie has done a great job. The product is great, people want to come back for more and they will be telling their friends about it too. His customer base (listeners) will grow and hopefully he will have a big success on his hands.

The Arizona Republic did a nice piece on Eddie yesterday. Read it here.

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