Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Get Excited!

We've had a lot of exciting changes at the radio station the past few months.

We increased the power of MEGA (KAJM) to a full class "C" FM station. We have a new transmitter site with a state of the art technical facility. And we now reach more than one-million more listeners than we did previous to our signal upgrade.

On the programming side, Beau Duran takes over as Program Director for both MEGA and ENERGY. Beau is a dedicated radio pro. His passion for radio is endless. He eats, drinks, sleeps and breaths the radio station. Beau Gets It!

Alex Santa Maria moved from afternoons to mornings and he is super-charged, playing more hits and interacting with the listeners!

Angie Gomez has moved from co-hosting duties in morning drive to holding down the fort on her own every mid-day from ten until two.

The newest addition to the on-air line-up is Raul Torres. I don't know where Raul gets his energy from, but he rocks in the afternoon. We keep it cold in the studio and Raul is sweating every time I stop in to say hello. Raul is on fire! Listen to his mix show at five, it's GREAT!

The "Night Princess" Nina Cruz continues to keep nights alive from six to eight with great music and a lot of listener interaction on the phones.

Wrapping it all up every night live from Hollywood is legendary DJ Art Laboe with his Killer Oldies, request and dedication show from eight to midnight. This is "Old School" radio at its best.

On the business side, Jeanette Scott joins us as our new Business Manager and Tarina Lovegrove joined us in sales. Ian Makar who started out as a rookie seller for us five years ago is our new sales manager. Ian has worked hard and deserves the promotion. He has a lot of great ideas and is a man on a mission.

As my friend Michael Crawford says..... "Get Excited!"

I am.

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