Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Please Help Me......

For almost three years I have served on the board of Body Positive. Body Positive is an incredible non-profit agency in Phoenix. Our Mission is to Lead in the fight against HIV and AIDS, Reduce Infection, Improve Quality of Life and Contribute to Worldwide Research.

Through the years I have been involved in many non-profits and I have to tell you that working with Body Positive is very rewarding. The people are great and they appreciate everyone's efforts. We are very proud of what we have accomplished. I invite each and everyone of you to take a tour of our facility. I know that you will be impressed with our clinic and all of the programs that we operate. Please call or email me and I would be more than happy to arrange and accompany you on a tour.

On May 17th we are having our annual Night for Life, black tie gala. This year I have a new date for the event. I am taking our 14 year old daughter since Fran will be out of town at a conference. Jordie is excited because she is getting a new dress for the event (You can never start to soon). I'm excited, because I feel that it is important to teach your children values and help them develop a sense of what it is like to give back to the community. This is a philosophy that both Fran and I believe strongly in. And it doesn't hurt when it is a fun event surrounded by great people, great food and great music.

As a board member I have volunteered to raise additional money by selling raffle tickets. This years raffle is an $8,000 travel package. It is a great prize and Fran and I are buying tickets in hopes of winning!!

The cost of the raffle ticket is $50 or three tickets for $100. I would greatly appreciate it if you would be generous enough to support our organization and purchase raffle tickets too.

Please click on the link below, at the "how did you hear about the raffle" please click on the drop down box to select my name (Michael Mallace).

Purchase raffle tickets. Here

I, along with everyone involved with Body Positive appreciate your support!!

Thank you.



Unknown said...

you enjoying this blog thingie stuff.

Michael Mallace said...

I am... very therapeutic and as you know, I have a lot to say! mm

Michael Mallace said...

I am... very therapeutic and as you know, I have a lot to say! mm