Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Closer to Number One, The Closer We Are to The Money

Sales trainer, author and Phoenix broadcast veteran Jim Taszarek has an interesting perspective on how to maintain and grow radio revenues in a tough economy.

Here is what he had to say in his recent "Quota Busters" Newsletter.

"We’re just paying the price of a few fat years. When times are good we fall back into the delusion that the big money is Agency. We’re repeating history of "There are no Ups - Up." My darlings, when will we learn? Avail money is the Easy, and as we’re again seeing, very Temporary Money.

The BIG money is in Local Direct. The more Face-to-Face selling we do with decisions makers, the more we’ll sell. It's more often billing that sticks to the wall. The more we work through an intermediary or a third party, the less control we have – and when times turn, even a little, we get whacked. This applies to 90% of the businesses in the world.

Buyers and Agencies don’t create budgets. Some other guy determines that, and THAT'S where we should be spending our energy. The further we are from the top - the further we are from significant and manageable billing. The closer to Number One, the closer we are to the money. Simple".

Jim is 100% correct. In order to succeed in sales, especially in this business climate, sellers need to get back to the basics, work smart, present great ideas and most importantly get face-to-face with the #1 decision makers.

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