Thursday, March 27, 2008

You're On The Air

A few weeks ago I attended a conference hosted a hosted by my Friend Howard Lindzon. While there, I met Alan Levy the founder of BlogTalkRadio. BlogTalkRadio is what happens when you combine an ordinary blogger a telephone and the internet.

Levy launched BlogTalk Radio in August of 2006 and today averages 2.6 million listeners a month. There are 3,400 different shows on the network hosted by people like you and me. The content ranges from politics to the paranormal, sports, finance, food, religion, music, romance and everything in between. Yoko Ono, John McCain, Jeff Goldblum, Patty Labelle and many more famous and not so famous people have been featured guests on a BlogTalk show.

Anyone of us can host our own show from the comfort of our home, office or wherever we are as long as we have a telephone a computer and an internet connection. Conversely, anyone around the world can listen and participate from the convenience of their computer and phone. BlogTalkRadio is doing its part in making us a global society.

Much like terrestrial radio, BlogTalkRadio is ad supported. Targeted audio commercials are inserted into the audio stream of each show no different than you here on your local radio station. Levy is not greedy either, he has established a revenue share model so that the BlogTalk hosts share in the revenue generated.

From a listeners stand point, there is something for everyone. From a blogger’s point of view, if you have something to say, here is the platform to do it and you might even make a little money for your rant!

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post recently did a feature story on Levy and BlogTalkRadio. The article gives you a great insight into the BlogTalkRadio story.

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