Monday, March 31, 2008

Radio, Music and My Blackberry!

Radio, Music and my Blackberry are three of my favorite things.

Today, I discovered a new software application that combines all three called Radio Companion. It works on the Blackberry Smartphone platform and allows you to monitor airplay from more than 2,700 terrestrial radio stations across the U.S. Users can see what is playing right now on any of their favorite radio stations with just a few quick clicks on their phone. They can then select the music track to have its details sent instantly to their email account, with a direct link to click-through and purchase the song online.

Not only is this free service great for consumers, but it is also very practical for radio pros too. You can set up a panel of up to ten stations by format, city, cluster etc. and instantly see what is being plyed (music and ads).

Radio Companion is easy to download and setup. I did it in less than five minutes. Every audiophile, Music Director, Program Director, Sales Manager and even DJ's and sellers should download this program to their Blackberry. It will give you a competitive edge because you instantly know what your competitors are doing wherever you are.

This is just another application that will keep me addicted to my Blackberry.

The application is a joint venture between Mediaguide and Nobex Technologies.

To learn more about Radio Companion and download the software, click here.

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