Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Long Term Value of a Customer

Through the Social/business networking sight LinkedIn, I recently reconnected with Paul Anovick. Paul is a consultant/trainer that I worked with years ago when I was the Sales Manager for Bonneville's radio stations in Phoenix. I remember he presented our team with a powerful presentation on time management. Today, when coaching our team, I focus on many of the same concepts and principles that Paul spoke to us about ten-plus years ago.

Paul has a Blog on leadership and results. In a recent post. He did a great job of articulating the long term value of a customer.

Paul stated that….

“Research shows that 96% of customers who are not treated with respect just decide to never go back. Typically, customers will not complain because complaining just adds to the hassle of an already bad experience. Six out of ten customers will never return to an organization based on poor service…NOT poor products. They usually will not register a complaint with the organization, they just go elsewhere, and customers want a positive experience and want to deal with a service provider that has empathy”.

He went on to say….

“The best way to grow your business is to create loyal, satisfied customers who will spend more time and money with you and refer you to other people who are interested in doing business with you because of the trust you have built. The most important element in building a successful business is your ability to develop and sustain a loyal customer base”.

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Paul continues to advise clients today. Here is a link to Anovick and Associates.

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MM, love your blog site! Your restaurant reviews are excellent. however, I'm shocked that Red Devil, Harvey's Wine Burger and Juan's are not on fave restaurants list?!! RD