Sunday, April 13, 2008

We’re #1

I bet you thought I was telling you about the radio station. I wish I was, and I’m confident I will make that post someday. No, I’m talking about ASU Women’s softball. Did you know that the ASU women’s softball team was ranked number one in the nation? Neither did I. They are, this season with 44 wins and only two losses.

Both my girls play softball. They get that from Fran who came out to Arizona to play softball in 1978. Last night the girl’s softball league participated in a special promotion and we attended the ASU women’s softball game at Farrington Stadium in Tempe. I’m happy to report that ASU beat Washington 7 – 2. This is a great parallel to our oldest daughter’s 18-8 victory during the day yesterday. By the way, she had two great hits and played well in the field.

ASU softball could be the best sports entertainment value in the Valley! At $5.00 for a general admission ticket that would be equivalent to any lower bowl seat at any other stadium in town, we were up close watching an exciting game. There was electricity in the air. The near capacity crowd of 2,000 plus fans had spirit like you could only feel at a college game. This was due in part to the expertly picked music that was playing during the team warm-ups and through out the game. The crowd went crazy when ASU player Caylyn Carlson hit a grand slam homer in the first inning and their excitement never waned throughout the game.

What was even more interesting to me from a marketing standpoint was that the marketing team at the venue kept the entire experience moving and entertaining. It was like they were formatting/programming a local radio station. The women on the field were the records/songs, the stadium announcer was the DJ (keeping the momentum moving forward), there were commercials and contests involving local business and winners between the innings and they even recycled the audience with a bounce-back for the next home game (if you brought your current ticket to the next game you would receive a $2.00 discount). As any good programmer will tell you, you must have forward momentum on the radio station and keep the listeners engaged. That is precisely what happened last night at the game. We had so much fun that I can hardly wait to go to the next game.

ASU delivered! Not just because they won, but because they won new fans last night and provided a great experience. They marketed their product well to young, aspiring, female softball players, their coaches and parents. It was a great family event; affordable, entertaining, easy-free parking, and great competition between two talented teams. We left wanting more.



Marit said...

GO DEVILS!! After reading your blog I am even more proud to be an ASU alumna. And now I am interested in checking out a game!

Michael Mallace said...

Lets all